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DeviantART is a good place for me to spurt out the doodles I love to to draw, and to find even more amazing artists to follow and drool over their work. I'm not that good, and have a long way to go, (always sending pictures into scraps) but I'll try all sorts of art before I quit.

Current Residence: a city somewhere
Operating System: Vista baby!
Wallpaper of choice: photo with friends
Personal Quote: Look; ....
  • Listening to: Billy Elliot Soundtrack [Original London Cast]
  • Watching: Lord of the Rings: TTT
  • Playing: Guitar Hero III
  • Eating: Apple
Update on my life:

My scanner is dead, thus a pause in art. Still have 6 free sketches to give away! The weather is getting better!! xD I'M BUYING MYSELF A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AGHHH!!!! xD and...I am totally obsessed with Billy Elliot, (the musical) so much it should be illigal. I went to see it with my family. Bloody legendary!!! =D My favorite character is DEFS Micheal. He. Is. The. Best. (anyone know the story? if sweet was billy?! ...aww) Spent a day with :iconchocolate-kiosk: the otherday- anime and caremelldansen MANIA. twas awesome. I've been seeing alot of people recently- It's grand. I miss one of my friends a heap though (who's in new zealand)..She better come back soon! >.< bah.... Also my apartment is a mess. I need to clean. NOW.

in other news, this is the best quiz ever. I tag everyone. [stolen from facebook]


1. I love eating crackers =D However, I give them up every lent, because otherwise I turn into a ball of lard.

2. My favorite drink is Ginger Beer, however I also love all kinds of fruit juice, and creamy soda.

3. I've never drank a full energy drink. I had a sip once, went hyper for two hours then fell asleep where I was standing. Never again.

4. I've never had a television. ever. just a screen.

5. The first time I read Lord of the Rings (my favorite book) was when I was in year 5, or 10 years old. It took me three months.

6. I'm one of 5 siblings. the youngest apart from me is 14 years older than me, and the oldest 26 years older than me. 3 of them are girls, and all of them are supposed 'half siblings'.

7. I'm an Aunty 6 times over, with my eldest nephew being born when I was 1 and 3/4. And I will ALWAYS hold that over him.

8. The Sheldrake family pasta speciality is Veal Tortilini. With no sauce. Just three vegi on the side. it tastes gooood

9. The first country I ever visited was Japan. I was 8 months old at the time. Including Japan, I have now visited 23 or more countries.

10. I once spent 4 hours in a Borders in New York reading. My parents thought I was lost...I had never been happier.

11. I love musicals(watching them, listening, singing them!), however, when I was a kid, Les Mis totally boggled me, and singing and choir was just something I HAD to do. And when I was in New York I blew off the oppourtunity to see Wicked. With Idina Menzel. What an idiot.

12. Whilst I have zero coordination, when I was little, I did ballet. Why did I quit? Not because I was bad- I loved the dancing part, but because I hated the makeup.

13. When I was in Junior School, I had an obsession with tallying things. The amount of times I vomited over those years was my most infamous tally. I still remember. 43 times.

14. I once found a moth in my fridge. Post killing it and cleaning up...I ate something from the fridge. Hey...everything was covered with gladwrap! That's safe...right?

15. I made a bet with my parents when I first liked pokemon, that I'd still like it in 10 years. Needless to say, I won.

16. My first Senior school casual clothes day was highlighted by bright pink pants. I wore them with pride, and have never been so brave since.

17. My most loved soft toy (imaginatively called "Blue Bear") is exactly as old as me. He is also better traveled, as when I once left him in America, he went all over the world on his return.

18. My first ever anime was sailor moon, in some chinese hospital when I was three. After watching it with some vague interest, I forgot all about anime...for the time being. (It was the episode where reeni was stranded on an island with dinosaurs or something...I dunno, never got into sailor moon)

19. Without doubt, the best breakfast food is a cooked breakfast. With bagels from glicks. Don't try to argue.

20. I went to circus school for 4 years. My speciality was tightrope and clowning.

21. I've played Cello since half way through year 2. I chose it after discovering I made I violin sound like a dying cat. It wasn't until years later I realised all starter violinists sound like that.

22. My biggest role in a school play (argueably) was in year 5. I played Frilly, a glorified fish/narrator in Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. My hat had the biggest google eye in existance stuck to it. It was as big as my head. Which is pretty damn big.

23. In Junior School, I was the oldest and only left handed member of the tennis team. After three years of hanging around year 3's, I quit tennis in Senior School.

24. The best memory I have is the afternoon I got Social Justice in Year 11. I have never been hugged so much in my life.

25. I own over 2,000 books. Unfortunately, the majority won't fit in my apartment. Incidently, most of my 250ish manga books live with me, which says alot. My anime triples my amount of regular movies too...

:iconnaunen: :iconskyekittie: :iconpalelove: :iconchocolate-kiosk: :iconkitaekat: :iconvioletwolf: :iconpaupaula: :iconjunfei176: :iconteavian: :iconxwildhorsesx: :iconluckyazn: :iconphi-681: :iconvandalk: :iconindie-rock-chick: :iconnirika-stitches: :iconleonicninja: :iconarnlete: :iconkakashi107: :iconhuntygoth: :iconfoxblade: :icongalenor: :iconmelonme: :iconmeganlynn: :iconsan-chan-dancing: :iconlocopunkster: :iconhoundourka: :iconstrawberryspider: :iconsatriau: :iconsnowbunnyluv: :iconmalibukki: :iconulilliaka: :iconbluemoon12: :iconsoyxx: :iconlilmouse: :iconapaperclip: :iconpaulasheldrake: ! :iconpinkglitter9591: :iconwierdobychoice: :iconnoogan: :iconfroggychan: :iconbuckpyre: :iconoilpusher: :iconayooo: (in no particular order! :D)


:iconelite-dragons::Captian! :iconfruitsbasket: :iconthe-ghibli-club: :icondragonpokemonclub: :iconthepencilclub: :iconfullmetalpanicclub: :iconmomiji-love: :iconeureka-seven: :icondomo-club:


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